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spitblaze asked:

I gotta go to class in a minute BUT before I do I just gotta say that you're actually really good with these comics! The art might not be the best, but your storytelling and dialogue are believeable, entertaining, and everyone stays in character! Honestly, it reminds of XKCD in that sense- that art might not be the greatest, but the content is second to none! Keep it up, friend!

Thank you very much, Spitblaze! Comments like these get me through the week. And stay tuned in for the new comic going up tonight!

"Y’know, this really is my kind of place. Where am I sleeping again? The bean bag chair in the video game room? Hot dog! My old mattress was a plywood board with a trashbag wrapped around it!"

Oh by the way I’ve started doing comics on Wednesday again. We’ll do that for about as long as it lasts. If you missed this week’s Wednesday comic just check out the “Oleander’s Exciting Life” tag.

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